About this blog

2This blog is the reincarnation of a previous one called The Daybook Project and then changed to  A Painter’s Notebook. The first incarnation was a vehicle to show a 366 painting a day piece called 2012 (http://www.joshuaroseart.net/#!2012 ). This was followed by a 64 inkjet print series based on the I Ching which was followed by a number of manipulated photographs that I took of the Art Department drawing room floor just before I retired from teaching.  After posting that work I stopped blogging in this one as well as my other two blogs. One of stories, poems and general rantings and musings (https://musingsagain.wordpress.com/) and the other of photographs I have taken over a number of years (http://joshua-rose.blogspot.com/).

The Back Studio arises from the ashes of A Painter’s Notebook.  The other two still live though anemic as of late but hopefully that will change with some renewed enthusiasm.

This will showcase new work as well as my take on things artwise.

© All Rights Reserved by Joshua Rose


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