About the work

For years I have taken photographs. Indeed in the late 60’s I tried hard to become a photographer. The furthest I got professionally was to be a color processor (Ektachrome and C prints) and tech in several color labs in NYC. My friend Steve Kramer (krashkramer.tumblr.com/)  and I even built a darkroom in Brooklyn and bought a few large format cameras together.

Eventually I became a painter instead and taught painting and drawing for 27 years.

For many years I have had these two competing interests taking and editing thousands of photographs and painting, the good old paint on canvas type.

Recently while paring down a 30+ year pile of accumulations I came across a stack of twenty or so “books” that my father had made. I think they date from the mid 40’s but could be older. He had taken sheets of stiff paper and glued collected images of paintings from magazines on to them; one image per page.  It was his private image library. Today he would have pinned a collection on Pinterest.

The images were of little value though there were a few by Picasso and Braque (favorites of his) that were new to me. I spent a few hours looking at them and throwing the clippings out while saving the paper, somewhere between 500 and 1000 sheets.

On a whim I printed a photo (Epson 3880) and was thrilled by the results. My immediate response was to paint on it, then glue things on the surface. That was the origin of this work.

I looked through my photos for images that I wanted to do this to and started printing them out. Some I printed on 9 sheets of paper and glued them to form a larger image.

The collage elements are also on my father’s paper and are painted into with gouache, watercolor, and glitter. I’m not sure where it’s going but the combination of painting/ making/ and photographing is at the core.


© All Rights Reserved by Joshua Rose


5 thoughts on “About the work

  1. I really like this new chapter, Josh! It’s funny how many paths we take in our work as we travel with those different interests. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. I really like this new series of works Joshua!! The interplay of flat, and dimensional in the composition appeals to me.

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