Dia de la Muerte #4

Memento Mori  Dia de la Muerte 4_ 18 x 27

2015    18″X 27″   Collage, gouache, watercolor, acrylic, ink, metallic paint and glitter.on “antique” paper © All Rights Reserved by Joshua Rose


1 thought on “Dia de la Muerte #4

  1. At first, it made me smile. So much to think about. Fantastic. A cohesive yet jarring contrast of surface and image. I keep being tugged between the repetitive mark making and the narrative, the lovely patterns and the ugly image. The grid, the geometry that keep you on the surface and the demensional image behind. The repetition (mandalas) make me pause and linger over each section of the grids. The nature of the organic form and the pure forms really fight in a way that makes me think about what is beautiful and what is ugly. And it made me smile.

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