Manhole Cover #2

accidental painting manhole cover 2_11.25 x 14.252015    11.25″X14.25″   Collage, gouache, watercolor, ink, metallic paint, sequins and glitter.on “antique” paper © All Rights Reserved by Joshua Rose


6 thoughts on “Manhole Cover #2

  1. I think the interuption of the “not-pattern” on the left side is what really makes this work. It fights the repetition of the circular motif (man hole cover and smaller circles to the left) and yet at the same time it does conform to a pattern in shape only (polygon). Those kinds of unexpected tensions are giving this body of work vitality.

  2. Nice Craig! likewise.
    I’m really curious though to see them in actuality because I feel like I’m missing an entire universe of detail. The images range from yummy (delicious/complex/layered) to graphic and illusory, but I’m also interested in the texture, overlap etc that I don’t think I’m getting with my digital eyeballs.

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